7 Truths We Were Never Taught In Church Pt. l

I want to keep my “preaching/sharing” to a minimum when it comes to online. However, since people skim through here and this is a Christian (Spiritual) blog, I believe it’s best to incorporate some things here and there. It is not to argue or become controversial, it is just sharing knowledge. Not my own, but God’s. I am very careful with what I say and share about the gospel because I fear God and do not desire to add or subtract from the Word (Rev 22:18). Don’t like what you see or read? That’s your choice. I am not an expert or a teacher, but I have been taught and do believe what the Word says. Even though next to these truths there will be referenced bible verses, it doesn’t mean you will fully understand where the truth came from through that verse…but it’s a start to plant the seed. I will include the link below where you can find some answers but more importantly where you can find the church to get these studies to understand Gods Word as well. At World Mission Society Church of God, it is a global church that is rapidly being built more all over the world. We practice everything in the bible, this is Gods prophecy at work of reestablishing the biblical Zion where He has chosen to dwell in order to restore the truth that has been distorted and corrupted over the past 6,000 years. You will not find another church that teaches Gods mysteries, because only God Himself can reveal them. This has nothing to do with pride and arrogance and has everything to do what God already prophesied.

Let’s get to the heavenly facts:

  1. We have a Heavenly Father, but also a Heavenly Mother. (There is a male a female image of God). We come from a complete family (Gen 1:26-27, Gal 4:26, Rev 19:7 & 22:17)
  2. Passover is the way to eternal life and it is once a year (communion and other ceremonies is a mimicking of that, that does not provide eternal life.) (John 6:53-54, Matt 26:26-28, Leviticus 23:4)
  3. The Sabbath (day of rest) is Saturday, not Sunday or whenever we want (it was moved by Satan through Roman Emperor Constantine after the last Apostle John died). (Levi 23:3, Luke 6)
  4. Christmas, St. Patrick, St. Valentines, Thanksgiving and other man-made holidays are pagan and most have the underlying worship of gods (Sun god Mithra mostly) (Daniel 7:25)
  5. We are on earth because we sinned in heaven and the way to go back to heaven is to repent. We don’t remember anything because we were cut off from the 4th dimension and put on the prisoners’ outfit (our flesh). Where we can no longer fly, or be immortal. (Revelation 12:9, Job 38:4 & 21) Satan was the one to deceive us in heaven and is the reason we are all here on earth, everyone on earth was once an angel and God casted him and us down to earth instead of hell because of His mercy and love. The story of Adam and Eve is about us.
  6. In the last days (which we are in) God is coming back in the flesh with a new name FIRST, before He comes in fire to judge the world (rapture is not biblical, but a theory)(Hebrews 9:27-28, Rev 3:11-12)
  7. Satan runs this entire world, although God is king, the world is Satan’s playground only for a certain amount of time. Satan wants to deceive as many people as he can, even through church and priests, in order to bring as many people to where he is headed when this is all said and done. (John 12:31, 2 Corinthians 4:4)

That’s it for today, I think I will do two more of these and then do something else, but I hope this sparked even one person’s interest or penetrated the hearts of a few. Not going to expect those who are reading this to not have questions, or to start googling. It is just too much information to put into three blog posts. I don’t want to cram such a truth either, it’s best to do studies physically and the only place to learn it is WMSCOG. This is not a promotion, or an ad, or a recruitment, this is to point others to flee to Zion before destruction comes (Jeremiah 4:6). There are many plagues upon us in 2020 alone, the locust, the disasters, the virus spreading and killing thousands. God’s coming is nearer than we think and the signs are now unavoidable. No one knows when God will come back, but it is our job to recognize the truth through the grace of God when it is given to us and then change/live accordingly. I was once lost at my former church before I came here as well, not sure of heaven and having blind faith honestly. It is clear to me now, where I came from, why I am here and where I am going. I just want that for you as well, this is Elohim’s will, for all to be saved! I love you!

Here is the link: https://watv.org/truth-intro/

until the next post, God bless you and thanks for reading!

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