7 Truths We Were Never Taught In Church Pt. ll

Hi my Rae’s of sunshine, I hope you liked part one of my short blog series, welcome to part two. Again, I like to reiterate that I am very careful with what I say and share about the gospel because I fear God and do not desire to add or subtract from the Word (Rev 22:18). Don’t like what you see or read? That’s your choice. I am not an expert or a teacher, but I have been taught and do believe what the Word says. Even though next to these truths there will be referenced bible verses (there are way more verses than what I am going to reference for each fact, just want to put the main ones down), it doesn’t mean you will fully understand where the truth came from through that verse…but it’s a start to plant the seed. I will include the link below where you can find some more specific answers, but more importantly where you can find the church to get these studies to understand Gods Word as well. At World Mission Society Church of God, it is a global church that is rapidly being built more all over the world. We practice everything in the bible, this is Gods prophecy at work of reestablishing the biblical Zion where He has chosen to dwell in order to restore the truth that has been distorted and corrupted over the past 1,600 years (Psalms 132:13-14). You will not find another church that teaches Gods mysteries, because only God Himself can reveal them. This has nothing to do with pride or arrogance about being the “best/right” church and has everything to do with what God already prophesied (Isaiah 2:3) .

Enough of the introduction though, let’s get to the heavenly facts:

  1. God is weeding out His children from Satan’s children (Matthew 13)
  2. Everything on earth that is made, is made to teach us what is in heaven. It is a copy and shadow, heaven is the reality and earth is the shadow. (Like the family system on earth, consisting of a dad, mom and children teaching us that we have a spiritual family) (Heb 8:5, Rom 1:10)
  3. The old covenant was written to teach us, all the stories are prophecy about us spiritually. We are living in the New testament times. Revelation isn’t the only book about us, the whole bible is. (Romans 15:4)
  4. God speaks in parables, that only He allows His chosen to read with correct understanding, it is spiritually sealed. That is why there are 850+ denominations because only God can interpret His own salvation work, human minds can only try/attempt to know and teach the gospel but do not succeed. This is why God had to come again in the flesh, to correct what was ruined so that we could know the way to have salvation. (Isaiah 2:3, Matt 13:10, Rev 5:1-4)
  5. Women are supposed to wear veils during worship, so she can worship God directly and correctly (cancelling out her “head”, which is man (world system is Christ, man and then woman) (1 Corinthians 11:3-9)
  6. New covenant does not mean we stop doing everything God commanded, the law was established through the old covenant, we still keep it even in this time of 2020, just in a different way (not animal sacrifices etc.) (Matt 5:17, Matt 19:17)
  7. Tuesdays (Third day) and Saturdays (Sabbath) are the days God has appointed to cleanse our souls (Numbers 19:12, Exodus 19:15)

I am sorry if you are one of those people who have experienced church and it be a nightmare for you, or something unholy happened that broke your trust and faith. Church should not have a bad connotation to it, it is supposed to be the closest thing we get to heaven when we are still on earth. Many and most churches are not that. Many are just people who may have good intentions of leading a flock to salvation, but either is intentionally or unintentionally leading them into the opposite. Not saying all do, not saying all don’t. Which is why it is so hard to recognize when a church is “true”, when it is just based on how pretty it is or how “homey” it feels. Zion, which God has chosen for His dwelling, is recognized by if they are doing what God commands (Isaiah 33:20). It doesn’t matter how it feels because our feelings can lie, but the real judgment of truth is: IS IT IN THE BIBLE? Can what is being practiced be backed up by scripture one by one? Not just an opinionated filled sermon that only references two or three verses. That’s not God’s water of life, that is just a motivational speech. It may sound holy, but will it lead you to holiness? I ask all of these things because I’ve been there. With a mind full of questions all the time, sometime more doubt than faith and even pastors could not answer my questions. But this truth found me, it was supposed to, and if you’re reading this, I believe and pray it was meant for you too.

That’s all for now, I may or may not do a part three, but I hope this opened your mind and soul to the truth. I pray this sparked curiosity to ask yourself if you have blind faith or know exactly why you do what you do as a Christian? I learned all of this in the span of ten months, so I don’t want to cram such a truth into vague posts either because it has so much more depth then what I am actually sharing. It’s best to do studies physically and the only place to learn it is WMSCOG (Zion). This is not a promotion or a recruitment, this is to point others to flee to Zion before destruction comes (Jeremiah 4:6). There are many plagues upon us in 2020 alone, the locust, the disasters, the coronavirus spreading and more to come, it is going to get worse. God’s coming is nearer than we think and the signs are now unavoidable. No one knows when God will come back, but it is our job to recognize the truth through the grace of God’s Word when it is given to us and then change/live accordingly. I was once lost at my former church before I came here as well, and I was not only going to that church for 20 years but I was preaching in the pulpit. I was not sure of heaven and had blind faith honestly. We all do, that’s how we all start, even if we think “I know God”, but aren’t even keeping Sabbath, or Passover, or even praying in the right name (1 John 2:4). However, It is clear to me now, where I came from, why I am here and where I am going. I just want that for you as well, this is Elohim’s will for all to be saved! I love you!

Here is the link: https://watv.org/truth-intro/

Feel free to explore it.

until the next post, God bless you and thanks for reading!

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